Leadership Programs

The path from management to leadership is quite long and exhausting. Wherever you are on this path, Paramita Partners is with you…


New Manager’s First 100 Days

Employees step into a world they have never known, after being declared a manager. A team that works for their awareness while they grope for exploration as they walk alone in this new world adds a lot to the new manager. With a 100-day program designed by Paramita Partners; Managers can contribute to their organizations in the most efficient way in areas where fresh managers need them most.


Warm-up To Senior Management

The greatest skill of successful organizations is planning the necessary preparation for the management staff and foresight to make the necessary investment.
Paramita Partners; by using coaching and mentoring competencies together, provides measurable improvement in the potential development points of your managers with one-year senior management preparation programs that are completely personalized and do not contain any classroom training.


First 100 Days in Senior Management

The first days in senior management (C Level) are the most important but also the most challenging. It is necessary to quickly understand the organization, the position, and sometimes both. The leader is also expected to get to know and inspire stakeholders and build a personal brand.

During this period, our team, which has experience in different fields, supports the leader closely by being with him/her whenever he/she needs. In his first 100 days in senior management, we help him to unleash his creative side, become a better communicator and accelerate the process of becoming a leader who anticipates risks and makes the right decisions.

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