Custom setups for organizations and individuals

Paramita Partners; with its coaching, mentoring and consultancy setups; provides the support individuals and teams that make up the organizations need in their transition to the other shore they want to reach.

Assesment Based Personal Development Programs

Paramita Partners offers coaching, mentoring or team coaching solutions to leaders with an assessment based approach.

Goal Oriented Team Coaching

Paramita Partners focuses on the solution, not the tool, using group coaching / facilitation methods where and where needed.

First 100 Days in

Executives can contribute to their organizations in the most efficient way with a 100-day program designed in areas where C-Levels and directors need them most.

Get Ready for Senior Management

Paramita Partners; by using coaching and mentoring competencies together, provides measurable improvement in the potential development points of your managers with year long senior management preparation programs that are completely personalized and do not contain any classroom training.

First 100 Days in Senior Management

The first days of starting a new position in the same organization or in a new organization require both strong communication, making the right decisions, getting to know the organization and individuals, and being a team.

Individual and Corporate Coaching

Experienced coaches of Paramita Partners are waiting for you to provide your managers with new perspectives and serve their awareness on every issue they are stuck with.

Paramita Partners Introductory Deck

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