Ufuk Çarsıbası


Ufuk, is an ICF certified Gestalt Coach, actively working with  professionals. In his 25 years of business life, he first was a journalist  then a communications advisor working with leaders and is now  providing coaching support to people in their career journeys by sharing  and reflecting his experiences.  

He provided support to health care workers as a volunteer coach during  the pandemic period and continues to coach voluntarily the ongoing  leader candidates at the Yenibirlider association. UFUK who currently  has over 200 hours of coaching experience, supported mid-level  managers in an international pharmaceutical company as a coach in the  program designed to support their career development. Within the framework of cultural transformation and ongoing  digitization program in one of the most established companies in the  automotive industry in Turkey, he coached the company’s CEO and  Member of the Executive Board. Additionally, in the same company, he  coached the group in a workshop designed to raise the awareness of  the management team in the field of communication.  

He supported a senior manager as a coach within the scope of a change  management project in an international insurance company. 

In addition to coaching and tutoring, Ufuk continues to work as a  communication consultant at Communication Partner, of which he is the  co-founder. He worked as a consultant in Turkey’s largest 100  companies of the last 20 years and their leaders, and participated in  many leading corporate communications, cultural transformation and  internal communications and media relations in the framework of  corporate social responsibility projects. Ufuk is also a member of the  board of directors responsible for the institutionalization and transfer  process of the family business Çarşıbaşı Gıda as a 4th generation  member. 

Ufuk has been designing and delivering trainings on communication,  speaking and performing arts to leaders and candidate leaders at  Sabancı University EDU since 2015, and as a member of the Board of  Trustees at the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG), he supports  young people actively participating in solving social problems. 

Ufuk, who has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Uludağ University,  has also attended master’s programs in the fields of marketing  communications and economics law at Bilgi University. Ufuk Çarşıbaşı,  in addition to the Gestalt Coaching Program (2016), also received  ‘Master in Leadership and Coaching’ (2018) training. He also continues  his ‘Deep Democracy and Nonviolent Communication’ trainings. 

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