Anıl Erkan


Anıl is an experienced Gestalt Coach and actively works with  professionals. He has a diverse set of experience within his 25 years  of corporate life. He has experience coaching within leadership  programs and has been part of cultural change projects. Anıl is one  of the founders of Paramita Partners coaching. 

Anıl has actively been a voluntary coach for young talent leaders in  «Yenibirlider Association ” for the past 2 years. Yenibirlider is an  association that provides support to young leaders. 

Anıl has actively been using coaching skills across his coaching career  where he has completed over 400+ hours of coaching. Some of his  notable experiences can be cited as follows:  

  • Supported the coaching journey of a middle management team for  a pharmaceutical company across a 3-month period 
  • Designed and implemented a cultural change program (Tribal  Leadership) for a health industry company.  
  • Supported the management of the middle management team  coaching program of an International pharmaceutical company. 
  • Designed and implemented a coaching program for a global  technology company. 

Along with his coaching career Anıl continues his Internal Audit,Risk  Management and training services. His Internal Audit and Risk  Management expertise has been formed through his years in  companies such as Arthur Andersen, PricewaterhouseCoopers,  Citibank and Mazars. Anıl also has C-level experience as he has held  the position of Chief Risk Officer of a large Turkish conglomerate;  namely STFA. These experiences also include team management at  various levels including local and international talent. 

Anıl holds a Business Administration degree with high honors from  Bilkent University. Anıl has also completed the prestigious Executive  MBA program in Koç university.  

Anıl has graduated from various programs related to individual and  group coaching such as: Gestalt Coaching Program (2017), Mastery  in Executive and Leader Coaching (2019) ; Team facilitation training  aka Deep democracy the Lewis method (Parts 1 & 2) 

Anıl is interested in eastern philosophies like Taoism and buddha  philosophy and has been working on improving himself through Dharma  since 2014. 

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